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“Turn complicated into easy

– innovative, efficient, Douteil.”

“For more than 20 years, the Hagelschaden-Centrum Douteil GmbH has stood for high-quality, cost-efficient and fast repair of motor vehicles. With innovation and efficiency as the guiding principle of our daily work, we are more than just a normal repair company: as a service provider in the interface between vehicle owners, insurance companies and appraisers, we see ourselves as process optimizers in the event of mass damage events by organising and implementing the entire preparation of expert opinions, claim procession and vehicle repair.”

Mass-Damage-Events after Hailstorms

Complete and Integrated Service from one Hand:

  • On site in the affected areas within 48 hours
  • Full functioning temporary Hail-Stations run by our experts
  • Preparation of vehicle appraisal by experts
  • Guaranteed mobility for vehicle owners through free rental car
  • Collection and delivery service for the vehicles
  • Complete claims settlement with the insurance company by us
  • Repair of the damaged vehicles